30 November 2016

Mini Couched Candy Canes

embroidered candy cane

Here is a really easy holiday embroidery project - couched candy canes!

I created these with DMC embroidery thread using all six strands.

If you need to learn the couching stitch, check out this great video tutorial from Needle n Thread.

I free hand drew little canes with a water soluble pen.

I started with red as the foundation thread and white as my working thread - or my "stripes" of the candy cane.

Continue couching white stripes and then bring your red thread through the fabric to finish the cane.

couching candy cane

My second candy cane is white with red stripes.

I drew some more  - but then decided on stopping at three candy canes :)

I rinsed the ink off my fabric and let dry.

couched candy cane

To show you how small these candy canes are - here is a dime for size comparison.

couched candy cane

A simple little embroidery design for the holidays! If you try this out, comment below!

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