30 November 2016

Mini Couched Candy Canes

embroidered candy cane

Here is a really easy holiday embroidery project - couched candy canes!

I created these with DMC embroidery thread using all six strands.

If you need to learn the couching stitch, check out this great video tutorial from Needle n Thread.

I free hand drew little canes with a water soluble pen.

I started with red as the foundation thread and white as my working thread - or my "stripes" of the candy cane.

Continue couching white stripes and then bring your red thread through the fabric to finish the cane.

couching candy cane

My second candy cane is white with red stripes.

I drew some more  - but then decided on stopping at three candy canes :)

I rinsed the ink off my fabric and let dry.

couched candy cane

To show you how small these candy canes are - here is a dime for size comparison.

couched candy cane

A simple little embroidery design for the holidays! If you try this out, comment below!

04 November 2016

01 November 2016

Autumn Tree Embroidery

A few months ago, I did a book review on Feeling Stitchy for the embroidery book: Simply Stitched by Yumiko Higuchi.

It opened my embroidery world to the concept of stitching with wool and cotton. (I had never stitched with wool prior)

I love Yumiko's design style and have wanted to go back and stitch up some more from the book - so I decided on these cute trees.

In the book, her project has you stitch the tree motif in all white, but I switched it up and stitched them in color for fall!

FYI: If you look at the photos in my book review post, you can see the white tree motif to compare.

I traced the pattern with a water soluble pen, stitched the trunks with satin stitch in cotton embroidery floss. The yellow leaves are single straight stitches with yellow DMC tapestry wool.

For the second tree, I stitched the leaves with red cotton floss instead of wool.

After looking at it, I felt it needed more leaves, so I added orange.

P.S. - I finally created an Instagram account and will be posting there also.

04 August 2016

Floss Love Vol. 7: Tapestry Wool and Pearl Cotton

I haven't done a Floss Love post in quite awhile - so here is my latest haul from the needlework shop.

Above: black and yellow DMC Tapestry Wool for a project that will be on the Feeling Stitchy blog soon!! (Also, my first time stitching with wool!)

Below: more DMC wool because I love these colors and may use them in another embroidery project.

I also picked up one skein of the blue Appleton wool to try stitching sometime and a few colors of Anchor pearl cotton.

Who out there stitches with wool?? What brands do you like best?

P.S. - Anyone who lives in the Seattle area and is looking for a great retail needlework shop - I highly recommend Threadneedle Street in Issaquah. Huge selection of floss!!

P.P.S - Check out the DMC Coloris Floss Review on Feeling Stitchy and stitch up the free pattern!!