02 January 2017

2016 Stitch Recap

Happy New Year!

It's that time again where I like to look back at what I stitched the past year.

So what happened in 2016??

* One of my goals every year is to post more often. Well, I think I accomplished that for the most part. Although I only posted 17 times in 2016 here on this blog, I did also post 17 times as a contributor on Feeling Stitchy, so I am satisfied with those numbers.

* Speaking of being a contributor ... some of my most favorite stitching from the year was for Feeling Stitchy: I got to do two book reviews (here and here), stitched a woven basket with flowers, experimented with plushwork, and the woven picot stitch with wool.

* As for the woven picot stitch, I think 2016 may have been my "year of the woven picot stitch flower". I may have become slightly obsessed with them...

* Most viewed post of 2016 was this little French Knot sheep 

* My favorite embroidery project of the year was this embroidered flower lady

Now on to my 2017 goals for embroidery. I only have two for myself this year:

1. Post as often as possible on Feeling Stitchy. I know I should probably post more on my own blog, but honestly, Feeling Stitchy has more readers and it feels good to share my embroidery to an audience I know exists. HA!

2. That being said, I know there may be some people that actually look at this blog and that is AWESOME!! Thank you for taking the time to check out my stitching here!! I am still going to post here, but as my second goal, it will be mostly about completing my WIPs.

What I mean  is, I have so many projects that I have started just for fun or for myself or even old projects that I want to finish and take better photos of. That is going to be my goal for this year: have fun with my embroidery and finish all those old projects that I have put on the back burner and share them here!

All right - if you made it this far, I wish you a Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!!

Previous year recaps: 2013, 2014, 2015

13 December 2016

Christmas Embroidery Ideas

  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

I stitched a bunch of these Rudolphs many years ago. I attached them to some felt, made them into little decorative hangings and gave them to my friends as gifts. Here is a link to the website where I found the Rudolph to trace - it's actually a website for printable coloring book pages, and I think they make great embroidery patterns also.

  • Winter Woven Trees

Stitch this winter-themed project I posted on Feeling Stitchy last year. The trees are woven trellis stitch and if you don't know that stitch, you can learn it here.

  • Couched Candy Canes

I recently posted about these cute little couched candy canes and had to include them in this list. They could be stitched on anything - you could make them different sizes with different types of thread!

  • Needle Weave Plaid
And finally, a tutorial I posted on Feeling Stitchy on how to needle weave plaid. The colors remind me of Christmas :)

Happy Holiday Stitching!

30 November 2016

Mini Couched Candy Canes

embroidered candy cane

Here is a really easy holiday embroidery project - couched candy canes!

I created these with DMC embroidery thread using all six strands.

If you need to learn the couching stitch, check out this great video tutorial from Needle n Thread.

I free hand drew little canes with a water soluble pen.

I started with red as the foundation thread and white as my working thread - or my "stripes" of the candy cane.

Continue couching white stripes and then bring your red thread through the fabric to finish the cane.

couching candy cane

My second candy cane is white with red stripes.

I drew some more  - but then decided on stopping at three candy canes :)

I rinsed the ink off my fabric and let dry.

couched candy cane

To show you how small these candy canes are - here is a dime for size comparison.

couched candy cane

A simple little embroidery design for the holidays! If you try this out, comment below!

04 November 2016