04 August 2016

Floss Love Vol. 7: Tapestry Wool and Pearl Cotton

I haven't done a Floss Love post in quite awhile - so here is my latest haul from the needlework shop.

Above: black and yellow DMC Tapestry Wool for a project that will be on the Feeling Stitchy blog soon!! (Also, my first time stitching with wool!)

Below: more DMC wool because I love these colors and may use them in another embroidery project.

I also picked up one skein of the blue Appleton wool to try stitching sometime and a few colors of Anchor pearl cotton.

Who out there stitches with wool?? What brands do you like best?

P.S. - Anyone who lives in the Seattle area and is looking for a great retail needlework shop - I highly recommend Threadneedle Street in Issaquah. Huge selection of floss!!

P.P.S - Check out the DMC Coloris Floss Review on Feeling Stitchy and stitch up the free pattern!!

02 August 2016

Embroidered Lavender

Trying to get back into stitching, so I added some simple embroidered lavender to my flower sampler.

Progress so far below - links to all flowers are on my Flowers page.

25 May 2016

Red Woven Picot Stitch Flower

Are you noticing a trend here? I seem to be making a lot of these woven picot stitch flowers!

What makes this one different from my past flowers? It has 6 petals around (instead of only 4 petals).

As always I filled the center of the flower with french knots.

29 April 2016

Woven Picot Flower Roundup 1

I originally stitched this dark blue flower on Feeling Stitchy and became addicted to the woven picot

Here is a lighter blue flower I stitched recently.

Then I stitched a white flower on black fabric.

Last week I blogged on Feeling Stitchy about this purple flower with longer woven picots.

Currently in progress stitching this red flower with more petals on grey fabric.

Have a great weekend!!