23 February 2013

Floss Love - Danish Flower Threads

The other day I went to a needlework shop in Issaquah called Threadneedle Street.

My plan was to check out their thread selections.

I love looking at all the different types of threads. I picked up some for my next embroidery project and also some I have never seen before.

Anchor Pearl Cotton

I ended up buying some Anchor pearl cotton. The skeins above are all size 5. I also picked up 2 rolls of purple Anchor pearl cotton in size 8.

Up close

Anchor Pearl Cotton

I have never used pearl cotton before in any of my embroidery, so I am interested to see what I think of it and if I like it.

I also bought 3 skeins of Haandarbejdets Fremme Dansk Blomstergarn threads from Denmark. I have never seen this thread before and after some Google-ing, I've found out this thread is called "Danish Flower threads". 

Dansk Blomstergarn

I liked how all the colors of this thread are very light and natural looking.

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