18 March 2013

Floss Love - Caron Collection threads

Here is another thread that I have yet to use.

Many years ago I bought these few skeins of the Caron Collection threads at the needlework shop.

50% silk 50% wool
Color 6010

And now, years have gone by and I still haven’t used them in any embroidery. I need to use them soon…

Color 077 - Royal Jewels

Why is it that I will buy these threads, and yet I end up never using them?? 

Which is part of the reason I started these Floss Love posts. So maybe it will force me to look at what I've got in my stash and hopefully start using it! 


  1. Its the idea of how pretty they will look once you find the perfect piece. I have a pile if thread I've never used but its too pretty to part with lol. At least thread is small