05 March 2013


I've been eyeing a pair of embroidery scissors on the Sublime Stitching site for a long time - the black scissors.

So I was excited to get them for my birthday last week and I love them!

These black scissors bring my count up to 5 pairs of embroidery scissors now.

1. My first embroidery scissors I bought at Joann Fabrics.
2. My mom's embroidery scissors
3. I bought these DMC scissors at Joann Fabrics also
4. Another pair of my Mom's scissors

I also got a sheath from Sublime Stitching for each pair of scissors. They are great for protecting the blades.

embroidery scissors

What are your favorite pair of embroidery scissors?


  1. I never had embroidery scissors for a long time. I always just used whatever pair of scissors were laying around, but I am now obsessed! I always wanted a pair of Gingher stork scissors and when I pulled the trigger and got them, I was hooked! I have a gold pair from Sublime Stitching, but those black ones are gorgeous! I love them!

    1. The Gingher stork scissors is on my list too! Someday I will also pull the trigger and get myself a pair !! :)