08 October 2014

Halloween Stitching!

Halloween is my favorite holiday!!

So to get myself inspired to stitch again, I decided to dig through my Flickr photos and find all my past Halloween embroidery.

Starting with this awesome Frankenstein my husband drew and I stitched up!

halloween embroidery pattern
Shameless Plug (On Etsy)

Here is a little bat that I stitched and then attached to a piece of felt.

bat embroidery

Another bat attached to felt and then I added a piece of ribbon to hang it on something as a decoration.

bat embroidery

This time I stitched the bat on orange fabric. Then added batting and sewed black fabric to the back of it to make a little Halloween decorative hanging.

Again stitched a bat on orange fabric then stitched onto brown felt.

Here is a pumpkin with a skull inside it's mouth - another drawing my husband did!

Another shameless plug (on Etsy also)

What are you stitching for Halloween? Need an idea?

Last year, I posted a free ghost pattern here - if you need something to stitch! :)

Happy Halloween!!

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