01 November 2016

Autumn Tree Embroidery

A few months ago, I did a book review on Feeling Stitchy for the embroidery book: Simply Stitched by Yumiko Higuchi.

It opened my embroidery world to the concept of stitching with wool and cotton. (I had never stitched with wool prior)

I love Yumiko's design style and have wanted to go back and stitch up some more from the book - so I decided on these cute trees.

In the book, her project has you stitch the tree motif in all white, but I switched it up and stitched them in color for fall!

FYI: If you look at the photos in my book review post, you can see the white tree motif to compare.

I traced the pattern with a water soluble pen, stitched the trunks with satin stitch in cotton embroidery floss. The yellow leaves are single straight stitches with yellow DMC tapestry wool.

For the second tree, I stitched the leaves with red cotton floss instead of wool.

After looking at it, I felt it needed more leaves, so I added orange.

P.S. - I finally created an Instagram account and will be posting there also.

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