25 September 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday (on Wednesday) # 7 - Detached Chain Stitch

This week's Take a Stitch Tuesday is a day late. I was not going to post this one, but reconsidered.

Stitch #7 is the detached chain stitch and I have to admit, I do not like how mine turned out.

I stitched it along a line of stem stitches and not the usual lazy daisy that I am used to. It's not horrible, but I should practice this one more.

Here is my sampler so far.

Next week is one of my favorite stitches – the regular chain stitch. See you then!


  1. The Detached Chain Stitch can be used for so many things; it is a good thing to learn it and try it out in different angles, sizes and colours. I like your colour combination.
    Have fun with your Chain stitches next week.

  2. well worked sampler. Looks lovely.