16 February 2016

Floss Love Vol. 6: Messy Floss Organization

I always like seeing how other stitchers store and organize their floss.

I have a plastic three-drawer organizer that I use to keep my DMC floss in. 

The drawers originally started out very neat and tidy, but I gave that up years ago.

Here are photos of each drawer.

We have the greens and blues.



How do you store your floss??


  1. Little sandwich baggies, labeled by 100s for the floss number. These, in turn, are stuffed in a bigger bag, which in turn is stuffed into my sewing drawer. Real classy. Not the best format for finding colors, but at the time I was doing cross stitch patterns that listed the colors by number.

    1. At least you have them labeled by the color number!! It takes me forever to find a number I need or I end up not even having that number!! HA HA!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. I use the smaller baggies (snack size?) and have a card for each number that I insert into each,along with the floss. This way I can have new skeins in the back and used ones in the front. I file all the cards in photo boxes in numerical order. This isn't my idea but one I found on FB and YouTube. Works for me.

    1. Wow - that sounds like a GREAT idea!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing :)