28 June 2014


Just a random post of miscellaneous things to share today.

Back when I was working on my Furry Nice Polar Bear, I took this photo of my work area just for fun. I thought it was funny the amount of floss everywhere. The polar bear is even making a cameo!

This is my embroidery chair. I actually bought it specifically to sit on for when I embroider - back in 2010 or so. It has been my trusty chair - it even moved across the US from Minnesota to Seattle because I didn't want to part with it.

I snapped the picture below because they were my color choices for the Furry Nice polar bear and I liked how they all looked together. :)

I have two projects I want to start this week. One is a beetle pattern that was included from the Furry Nice Embroidery class and one that is a birthday gift for my niece. I will post more on both when I get my colors chosen. 


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  1. Lucky girl...that looks like a very nice comfy and well organised spot for stitching :)