05 May 2013

Little Sheep + Chain Stitch

This weekend I worked on finishing the little sheep embroidery I started a few weeks ago.

Here's a pic of it halfway done. 
I have read on many stitching sites that french knots are much easier to stitch if you use a milliners needle. So I decided to give it a try with the french knots on the sheep and its the truth! I will only use a milliners needle whenever I stitch french knots.

I also tried a new technique for stitching the chain stitches for the outer circle. I followed the instructions for the easiest chain stitch on Sublime Stitching and as it states  - I will never work a chain stitch the same way again! It is so easy. 

This little embroidery is a gift for someone and will post an update as to how I eventually finish it.

Oh, and this is a Floss Box pattern.


  1. Holy moly he's cute! Someone is lucky to have him coming their way! :)

  2. LoL - I just clicked the link for the easiest chain stitch ever... that's the way I've always done them. Guess having no clue what you're "supposed" to do works out from time to time! :)