27 April 2014

Merchant & Mills Scissors and Floss Love

I love embroidery scissors. I buy myself a new pair of scissors every so often as a treat for myself.

I've shared about my scissors in a previous post here.

So when I found these cute little Baby Bow Scissors, I just had to get them.

Maybe I live under a rock, but have you ever heard of Merchant & Mills before? I had not. So I took a look at their website. I love all they have to offer!

Look at the cute little "M" stamped on the scissors.

Just to give you an idea of how small these are - here is a photo next to "normal" sized embroidery scissors.

Now that I have discovered Merchant & Mills, I keep looking at their shop and want to buy everything! 

I mean, how awesome is their pin selection!?!

In other new, it's been a long time since I did a "Floss Love" post so thought these photos would be great for one! 

I am taking the Furry Nice Embroidery class that Nicole from Follow the White Bunny is teaching and our assignment was to gather our floss for the project. 

Here are my floss colors I have chosen. I will definitely post more about the embroidery projects once we start stitching. I am really excited about this class!

Please let me know if you are familiar with Merchant & Mills! Have you bought anything from their shop?


  1. I haven't bought anything from Merchant & Mills, but I've lovingly admired the packaging and looked at their products. Those scissors are awesome, I love how tiny they are!
    I can't wait to see what you make in Nicole's class. I wish I had the time to have taken it, I'm sure it's amazing!

    1. Yes - Their packaging is amazing! I will be posting more about Nicole's class too! Maybe she will be offering another class in the future for you to take! :)