21 February 2015

Take a Stitch Tuesday Sampler and ReCap - Stitches # 1 - 22

Time for a quick recap post of my Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge!

So far I am up to stitch #22 and decided to start a new sampler with the next stitch. 

Here is my sampler.


I think next sampler I might try something different - like maybe more free form lines instead of all parallel lines.

TAST sampler

As always - some up close photos. The yellow chevron stitch may be my favorite.

TAST sampler

TAST sampler

Want to see my progress so far? Here are all my posts for each stitch:

#1 - Fly Stitch 
#2 - Buttonhole Stitch
#3 - Feather Stitch
#4 - Cretan Stitch
#5 - Herringbone Stitch
#6 - Chevron Stitch
#7 - Detached Chain Stitch 
#8 - Chain Stitch
#9 - Couching Stitch
#10 - Running Stitch
#11 - Whipped Wheel
#12 - Barred Chain Stitch
#13 - Satin Stitch 
#14 - Stem Stitch
#15 - French Knot
#16 - Wheatear Stitch
#17 - Crossed Buttonhole Stitch (oops! It appears I missed this one)
#18 - Half Chevron (I missed this stitch also...did I forget how to count? ha!)
#19 - Bullion Knot
#20 - Butterfly Chain
#21 - Knotted Cretan Stitch
#22 - Buttonhole Wheel

TAST sampler

While putting this post together, it was interesting to see how many stitches I had actually forgotten about - or that I completely missed #17 and #18!! 

I suppose I may need to do those two next...

I also cannot believe stitch #1 was way back in 2013!! Where has the time gone?!?

TAST sampler

Thanks for recapping with me! Let's hope it doesn't take me another two years to do the next 20 stitches!


  1. I started the TAST challenge twice and got so behind sadly I gave up. I like the way you have neatly coloured rows. I really must try the challenge again soon. Take care now. Marion

  2. Je voudrais avoire des modèle. De point de broderie pour debutante merci