13 August 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday #1 - Fly Stitch

In an effort to challenge myself to learning new embroidery stitches, I am beginning the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge on Sharon B.'s Pin Tangle website.

I am starting at the very beginning with stitch #1  – the fly stitch - and will *try* my best to complete a stitch every week.

Here we go...

Since I didn't want to mark the fabric, I decided to baste stitch two long rows (the orange color thread) that I could cut away to help keep my row straight and my stitches about the same size. It did help and I actually liked how it looked with the orange stitch!

fly stitch

After the orange baste stitch was removed it looked like this.

fly stitch

Since I did not know the fly stitch, the nice thing about Take a Stitch Tuesday is you can use her stitch dictionary to learn all the stitches!

fly stitch

For more information on the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, check out the Pintangle website!!