03 December 2013

Take a Stitch Tuesday #13 - Satin Stitch

This week was the satin stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday. 

I love satin stitch. I don't think I have completely mastered it but I really enjoy it. 

First up I drew a rectangle and filled it it in a reddish color floss. Definitely not my finest satin stitch but good enough. 

satin stitch

satin stitch

Then I drew a circle and filled it with black floss.

satin stitch

Up close!

satin stitch

I think the most I have ever used the satin stitch was for my first Erro embroidery piece below.

erro embroidery

I filled the lips, finger nails, and side design with satin stitch.

satin stitch erro embroidery

For more photos of all my Erro embroidery girls, you can check them out in my Flickr set here.

For more information on the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, you can check it out here on Pintangle.

See you next week!


  1. I wanted to say I have been viewing your sampler and enjoying your progress - and send you a wave!

  2. Love the Erro embroidery girls!! Very interesting and cool pieces, well done :-)