08 June 2015

Straight Stitch Flowers

straight stitch embroidered flowers

In an effort to embroider more flowers (and not only lazy daisy flowers - as I tend to always do) I have decided to start a flower sampler!

My first flower was last post - the buttonhole stitch. This time is the straight stitch flower.

I love how easy this flower is to stitch. I first drew a small circle to help guide me. Then stitched a few random straight stitches around it.

Next, keep straight stitching - almost like doing the satin stitch - keep the stitches close to each other - use different lengths of stitch if you want - it doesn't have to be perfect!

Here it is finished.

straight stitch embroidered flowers

I added a few french knots in the middle and started a second flower to practice more.

Added some stems and leaves (detached chain stitch).

straight stitch embroidered flowers

Up close.

straight stitch embroidered flowers

Here is the start of my sampler! I created a page to keep track of all of the flowers I stitch here.

blanket stitch flowers


  1. Your embroidery is lovely. Thanks for sharing your progress on your sampler.