08 December 2015

Marigold Blossom

embroidered marigold blossom flower

This marigold blossom is from the book "Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers" by Barbara Baatz.

(Found on Page 62 in case anyone out there happens to have the book also)

First stitch a small ring of light yellow detached chain stitches.

Fill the center with light green french knots and the center of each detached chain with a darker yellow straight stitch.

Then a row of orange detached chain stitches. The right side turned out a little funky but thats ok!

Then another row of darker orange detached chain stitches - filling all with a straight stitch inside.

Add some leaves - more detached chain stitches filled with a straight stitch each.

All done!

Here is the marigold blossom with the rest of my flower sampler I started. I eventually want to fill up the entire space with flowers. You can see my previous flower posts on my Flower Page.

Get a copy of the Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers below!

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