06 January 2016

2015 Stitch Recap

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2015, I am pleased with my stitching accomplishments.

Here are some of my favorites:

* One of my goals from last year was to blog more often - which I definitely completed!

In 2015, I posted 35 times - up from only 18 posts in 2014.

* I became a contributor on Feeling Stitchy!
Just a few of the topics I posted and am very proud of include: whipped wheel stitch, Kamal Kadai Work, cable plait stitch, and my first Mountmellick embroidery project.

To see all my "MooshieStitch Mondays" posts on Feeling Stitchy: click here

mooshiestitch monday feeling stitch

* My Take a Stitch Tuesday Sampler Recap post tied for the most views and the most Google+ shares.
I completed 9 stitches in 2015 (better than 2014 when I only completed 3 stitches!) and created this TAST page to keep track of them all.

* I started what I like to call a  "Flower Sampler" 
This is purely for fun stitching. So far, I have stitched 7 flowers, including the straight stitch flowers in the photo below and started a Flower Page to keep track of all my posts.

* My favorite embroidery project of the year...

... was this little sheep that I mounted on a little canvas. 

My goals for 2016:

- finally learn stumpwork (I am off to a good start on this goal already!)
- continue with my flower sampler and Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches
- post more often on both my blog and Feeling Stitchy

And there you have it. Another year finished. Thanks as always to anyone who is actually reading this.

Previous yearly recaps: 2014 and 2013

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