10 February 2015

Take a Stitch Tuesday #22 - Buttonhole Wheel

This week's stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday is the Buttonhole Wheel.

First, I (very poorly) drew a circle on my fabric. I probably should have taken the time to draw a better circle.

I followed this online tutorial .

My first attempt at the buttonhole wheel did not turn out so well. Yikes! 

So I removed my stitches and tried it again.

I think my second attempt turned out much better.

Although at a different angle you can see my stitches are sticking up from the fabric. I think I will need more practice!

So I did a half circle and I think it turned out much better, the stitches seem to lay more flat against the fabric. 

See you next week for more TAST!


  1. Why do you think they stick up? Is it the thickness of the thread, tension or....? I will probably have the same problem. It's something I noticed when doing scroll stitch.

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