05 April 2016

Embroidered Lupine Blossom

This Lupine blossom is from the book "Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers" by Barbara Baatz.

embroidered lupine blossom

(Found on page 60 in case anyone out there happens to have the book also)

I didn't have all the exact floss colors listed, so I picked the closest colors I already had.

First stems stitched with stem stitch. The leaves are detached chain stitch filled with one straight stitch.

The flowers petals are satin stitch

Then add yellow detached chain stitches with a darker yellow straight stitch inside - topped off with a couple french knot buds.

Zoomed out with more of my stitched flowers.

All the flowers are listed on the Flowers page.

Get the Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers book!

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