23 March 2016

White Woven Picot Stitch Flower

One of my goals this year for embroidery is to learn more stump work and 3-dimensional stitches. 

The woven picot is my first 3-dimensional stitch to learn.

I recently did a tutorial post on Feeling Stitchy about the woven picot stitch.

Check it out if you want more step-by-step photos.

(Plus, I love how my blue flower turned out)

Here is another woven picot stitch flower with white Perle cotton floss on black fabric.

Dont be surprised if you see many more of these on here - I just finished a blue flower that I will share photos of soon.


  1. Very pretty. I love how this looks.

  2. So lovely. I like the appearance of stump work but have never tried it.

    1. Thank you! Stump work is intimidating - but some of the techniques are interesting!!