21 January 2014

Take a Stitch Tuesday #15 - French Knot

Next up is the French Knot for Take a Stitch Tuesday.

The French knot is a fun stitch. Here I used 4 strands of DMC floss #958 - a minty green color that I normally never choose for some reason. 

french knot stitch

I like how it looks with the black and red.

french knot stitch

One tip I highly suggest is using a milliners needle for the French knot. The eye of the needle and the shaft of the needle are the same size so it really makes it easier to pull the needle through the wrapped thread of the knot. 

french knot

I think French knots add great texture to embroidery and is good for a filler stitch – I've used it for filling in little sheep and like the fluffy woolly look from the French knots.

sheep embroidery

 Here is a look at my TAST sampler in progress. 

See you next week!

As always - for more information on TAST - click here!


  1. I like your sheep, too.And the dark satin stitch circle reminds me of an Oreo cookie. :)