15 March 2015

Something Old: Erro Girl #1

Something Old posts are when I dig through my old embroidery photos on Flickr and find projects that I finished before I started this blog. 

Here is what I call "Erro Girl #1".

I really need to retake photos of this piece also.

Erro is one of my favorite artists of all time. As a tribute, I chose 3 different girls from his paintings to embroider and this one is the first.

I started out stitching all the black outlines in stem stitch and then filled in with satin stitched.

The lips may be my favorite.

This girl was completed back in 2011. Want to compare to the original art? Click here.

You can see all three girls photos in my album on Flickr - Embroidery Tribute to Erro. (I still need to finish girl #3.)

Who is the artist Erro? Check out his website here.

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