13 April 2016

Colonial Knot Phlox Flower

colonial knot stitch

This Phlox Bouquet is found on pg. 71 in the book "Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers" by Barbara Baatz.

I chose this flower from the book specifically because it is stitched with Colonial Knots - a stitch I have never done before.

I didn't have the exact floss colors listed in the book so I used the closest colors I had on hand.

Stems: Stem Stitch (2 strands of floss)

Leaves: Buttonhole Stitch (3 strands of floss)

You will notice in the above photo I added dots to mark where my flowers/knots would be stitched as a guide.

Flowers: Colonial Knots (6 strands of floss)

I watched this  Colonial Knot Video Tutorial to learn the stitch.

Flower Centers: Black French Knots (3 strands) instead of beads as suggested in the book.

colonial knot phlox flower

 My Pistil Stitch flower (left) and Buttonhole Stitch flower (right) on each side of the Phlox.

colonial knot stitch

The Colonial Knot and the French Knot look very similar. I prefer the French Knot, only because I am more comfortable stitching them, but I am glad I finally gave the Colonial Knot a try!

Slowly adding to my flower sampler below... All my flowers stitched so far can be found on the Flowers page.

Interested in the Encyclopedia of Embroidered Flowers book?

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